Liesl Hartmann, MA CCC/SLP, BCS-CL

Pediatric Speech Language Pathology, DIR/Floortime - Washington DC

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Cassie Britton, Developmental Specialist; The Little School

 Liesl has an extraordinary ability to integrate a deep and nuanced understanding of a child’s full speech and language, cognitive, learning and  neuro-sensory-motor development with a gift for designing a therapeutic protocol that involves active and often joyful PLAY!  Children LOVE her!  She also helps parents and teachers understand a child more deeply, helping them connect and engage in ways that allow the child to make meaning of their world as their communication skills grow.  Her work always results in visible self-esteem growth as well!  

As a Developmental Specialist at The Little School in SF I have referred many families to her practice and have always received deep appreciation for facilitating this connection.  Parents report that their children LOVE Liesl, and love going to their therapy appointments.  Parents also love attending and getting concrete and enjoyable support strategies that help their children thrive and grow.  She even comes in to classrooms and provides therapy,  developing  social pragmatic speech and language abilities along with helping the child play successfully with peers in their class.  Teachers learn from this push-in model as they see strategies modeled that support sustained engagement and gleam-in-the eye play!

Liesl is a rare treasure!  She cares so much about her work, and always goes the extra mile to help families meet their child’s needs in all areas of their lives.  We wish she would come back to San Francisco!!!! 

Cristina Share, parent

My daughter had just a few speech-like sounds when we started and Liesl set us on so many good paths.   I think the most important skill she brought for us is she is VERY ENGAGING, focused on circles of communication and Floortime. She coaxed our little non-communicator into building a desire to connect.  Our kid was giving up on trying to communicate with us and extremely disengaged.  Liesl has all sorts of tricks in her bag, including using music and toys and books, sensory strategies, playful obstruction, PROMPT, oral motor strengthening, retained reflexes, Kaufman cards and supporting us in AAC. She also provided excellent parent support to keep learning going at home

Allison Bettner, parent

We have been fortunate to work with Liesl for the past six months as our three year old son's speech therapist, and in that time, we have seen such incredible growth in his speech and language. Liesl is so wonderfully skilled at engaging with young children in a play-based, child-centered way. She has an incredible depth of knowledge about the way that children develop and learn language. Most meaningful to us, however, is the connection that she and our son have formed--he adores her and they have such a bond. We are so thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with her, even for such a brief time. 

Libby Smiley, parent

Liesl has been working with our (now 5 year old) son on a few speech issues for the past six months, and we have been incredibly impressed with the progress he’s made. Even more importantly, she has a great rapport with him, so he feels totally comfortable and hardly even knows he’s “working.” Any family would be lucky to have Liesl on their team.  

Kinga Czegeni

Liesl was B's first SLP, after being diagnosed with ASD. She is an incredibly bright and gentle therapist. We loved working with her.